Broken Graphic Card Palit GTX460 Sonic Platinum

It was 3 months ago I bought this graphic card – Palit GTX460. Not long ago right after that, I discovered that I get the screen fractures with some lines on my monitors. I use dual monitors.

This never happen on my old graphics card. Finally until recently I found out the weird frequency value of the graphic card memory. I read a lot forums and articles, there were all kind of glitches, but each has their own solutions.

I tried some, but none works.

Then, I read some articles mentioned around 1000Mhz, but some said because it is DDR so allow to be 2000Mhz. Anyway, to be safe, I reduced down the frequency to 1000Mhz. Till now, around 1 weeks have gone, I haven’t come into that issue again. Now I’m using MSI Afterburner, although I’m using Palit graphics card, it works well with MSI Afterburner.