How to Change Your iPhone LCD Screen

I didn’t have the problem of need to change my LCD screen, but I found that most of the guide missing an important tips of how to get the #3 LCD ribbon cable put back. There is a small tab over the connector, you just need to flip it up before inserting the #3 ribbon cable. Watch the video 7:45 to get what I mean.


Mute iPhone Connecting USB/Power Charging Sound

I quite often leave my iPhone connect to the dock, but whenever after I’ve used it and plug in to the dock, the  charging noise appear. After several times daily for more than a year. It becomes a noise pollution to me. So today I decided to give it a quick hack, disable the noise.

Here a quickest way, but I below provide a more better method.

  1. First you need to have a jailbroken iPhone.
  2. Then all you need is SSH connect your iPhone and delete the file beep-beep.caf in the folder /System/Library/Audio/UISounds.

There are several method to do so. You can use latest FlashFXP 4 with SCP supported to do so, or use WinSCP, or even use some file explorer app you have on your iPhone.

The method I used:

But to make it even more elegant. I made it into a WinterBoard theme, so I can any trigger on or off the sound. It just a clone of the NoCamSound theme and rename the photoShutter.caf into beep-beep.caf. The WinterBoard Theme folder can be found at /Library/Themes.