PHP Frameworks is a place to have a full glance of all available PHP frameworks in the market . It might sound kinda weird for some, because all the time in my PHP programming life, I haven’t applied any framework to my work. I build things up from scratch. It was quite a tough experience, but learning from the harder way always have its benefit.

Anyway, since my work on PHP not so intensive at this moment, I should find a framework and learn more about it. Prepare for any of the new coming project.

I have some frameworks in mind already, such as Zend, CakePHP, Symfony and CodeIgniter. Their functions are more or less the same in between one and another. One of the rules for choosing products is always choose the famous names because they have larger community. So whenever any problems, seeking help is easier a lot.

Ok, I choose to use CodeIgniter, I’m convinced after watching their video demo. More suit to my existing style.