ACL x+ problem

When I woke up this morning, and started to notice some strange behaviour appear on the Mac. Certain applications couldn’t delete things while some was having some problem showing some saving issue.

After some investigation, I found that my folders and files attribute came with a rwxr-xr-x+. Normally would be just rwxr-xr-x. So the + sign means there was additional attributes added to the files/folders. To remove it use the command “sudo chmod -R -N ./*”. -R is for recursive. -N is to remove the ACL attributes.

However, this doesn’t fully resolve my problem, because the chmod has no effect to symbolic links.

Update: By using Finder, click right the folder and choose Get Info. Then unlock the folder, you will be prompted for admin password. Then choose “Apply to enclosed items”. But beware this will make all the files and folders you have to the same privilege.