Read/Write NTFS on Mac

Install the latest OSXFUSE This will only mount NTFS but you can’t write to the drive yet.

Next in the terminal install ntfs-3g driver. Prior that, you need to link the fuse4x first, in the terminal 

$brew link fuse4x
$brew install ntfs-3g
$sudo cp -rfX /usr/local/Cellar/fuse4x-kext/0.9.1/Library/Extensions/fuse4x.kext /Library/Extensions
$sudo chmod +s /Library/Extensions/fuse4x.kext/Support/load_fuse4x

To replace the default Mac OSX automounter:

$sudo mv /sbin/mount_ntfs /sbin/mount_ntfs.orig
$sudo ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/ntfs-3g/2012.1.15/sbin/mount_ntfs /sbin/mount_ntfs