Windows 7 Turn On Driver Verifier to identify BSOD

Just learn how to use Driver Verifier to identify the cause of BSOD.

START | type verifier | make these selections –

  1. Select 2nd option – “Create custom settings (for code developers)”
  2. Select 2nd option – “Select individual settings from a full list”
  3. Check these boxes –
  • Special Pool
  • Pool Tracking
  • Force IRQL checking
  • Deadlock Detection
  • Security Checks (Windows 7)
  • Miscellaneous Checks

4. Select last option – “Select driver names from a list”

5. Click on the Provider heading – sorts list by Provider

6. Check ALL boxes where “Microsoft” IS NOT the Provider

7. Click on Finish

8. Re-boot

For my case, I identify it was caused by BAPIDRV64.SYS, which has to do with 360cn. I later uninstalled it in the SAFE MODE and the BSOD is over. Earlier I couldn’t identify it because it always shown the error is caused by OS Kernel.