Spinning Wheel of cursor

Today, I just faced a continous Mac OS X “Spinning Wheel” of unresponsive state. I would say it was worse than Windows. Suddenly after rebooting, then about maybe 5 minutes after login, the spinning wheel just appeared and nothing I can do, just freezing there.

In Windows, at least I can still using Ctrl + Shift + Esc to trigger the Windows Task Manager to stop the unresponsive app. But in Mac, there seem no function like this!

So, my first reaction was running “Activity Monitor” on the next boot up before the freeze. Then I did two things to trace. First, from the Real Memory column to see what running task took all the memory and causing the freeze. Secondly, by sorting descending the PID to find out that what was the last running.

Finally, I found out that it was the “mdworker”! It was weird because there was 3 mdworker running. One ran by _spotlight and 2 other were ran under my user account.

So google around and found the solution.

To disable Spotlight, here is the method.

$mdutil -i off
$mdutil -E