Mantis Work Flow



  • The Reporter reports an issue to Mantis; the issue is upgraded to status new
  • The Manager is notified by Mantis of the incoming issue and assigns the issue to a Developer; the issue is upgraded to status assigned
  • The Developer may optionally request clarification from either the Reporter or the Manager; the issue is upgraded to status feedback
  • The Developer acknowledges that they understand what action is required and can begin working on it; if no action is required, the Developer can mark the issue as resolved
  • The Developer confirms that work on the issue has begun; a confirmed issue is in the process of being implemented
  • The Developer marks the issue as resolved when they are done, and the Reporter andManager are notified; the resolution must be visible to the Reporter and to the Manager(committing to version control may not be sufficient)
  • The Manager verifies that the issue is resolved. This depends on the nature of the issue: it may be as simple as checking that a change is reflected on a website but may require the reporting of new Mantis issues for more complex validation (e.g., running quality control metrics); when theManager is satisfied with the resolution, they mark the issue as closed; the Reporter is notified