Things I learn in the first 24 hours In-App Purchase and Invalid Product ID

This has been one of the things that stuck me from getting progress for the past 24 hours. Since yesterday I’ve just started to look into iPhone In-App Purchase Storekit API. The official documentation seem only telling part of the story, for the entire, you still need to dig around internet to find it out.

Here list out some of the useful walkthrough about In App Purchase:

One of the most frustrating thing is that the proper work flow of register the In-App Purchase doesn’t sound logical to many of the developers. Anyway, you will eventually getting one error if this is your first time — “Invalid Product Id”.

Here are some checklist for you to go through.

But for my case, one thing no one pointed out that you need to remove your live distributed app! Because messing your distributed app and your development sandbox app is totally a mistake. Because it also messed up the provision profiles stored in my iPhone!