Nitrogen Cycle Fish Tank

Today I got my fish tank water report from lab. But ammonia NH3 result not yet come out.

  • Nitrites NO2 = 0.6ppm
  • Nitrates NO3 = 9.9ppm

The result is quite ok. Of course NO2 Nitrites should be as close as 0ppm to stay healthy.  As for Nitrates, less than 50ppm is safe for fish, under 25ppm is preferably and less than 10ppm if battling to algae.

The method to get Nitrates down is living plants or water changes. But after some reading, our tap water already have nitrates existed in it. So sometimes the nitrates in your tank might come from tap water. The regulated nitrates level of tap water in USA is less than 40ppm. Not sure how is Singapore one.

To read more about Nitrogen Cycle: